Identity Management in a Service Provision Environment

Identity management in a service provision environment

This project examined the UK Data Archive's identity management processes using the JISC Identity Management Toolkit.

The Toolkit was designed to support Higher and Further Education (HE/FE) institutions as they implement identity management (IdM) systems, defining the benefits of improving IdM and providing guidance on how to approach IdM from both policy and technical perspectives.

This project, part of JISC's Access and Identity Management Programme, tested the audit and gap analysis approaches and methodologies set out in the Toolkit in the mixed and complex IdM environment of the Archive. The Archive provided a good case study as it is a major data service that works with identity providers and acts as a virtual 'orphanage' identity provider for users outside the standard HE/FE identity management structure.

The work has informed improvements to IdM at the Archive, delivering benefits for the Archive's user communities - data owners, users and the wider academic community. It has also shown that the JISC Toolkit can be effectively used to assess IdM within a service provision environment.

Archive contribution

The project was managed within the UK Data Archive and largely focused on the processes of the Archive itself. The work did however involve Information Systems Services within the University of Essex and contact with the developers of the Toolkit.

Principal investigator:  David Hall
Funder:  JISC
Dates:  February 2011 - August 2011
Contact:  David Hall
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