Assessment of UK Data Archive and The National Archives (TNA) compliance with Open Archival Information System/Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard

With the UK Data Archive and TNA both developing different record keeping systems, it only carried an assumption that they complied with the new OAIS reference model and the METS standard. This project, therefore aimed to find out for sure if they did comply or not.

The UK Data Archive and The National Archives (TNA) have long-established responsibilities for digital preservation of materials created on electronic media. Each organisation developed similar but different systems for record keeping and the generation and storage of metadata relating to the files stored. However, these systems were developed and put in place prior to the definition of the OAIS Reference model and the METS standard. Therefore, whilst it was assumed that both organisations broadly comply with the standards, neither had fully tested its infrastructure or metadata systems for compatibility with them. This proposal tested that assumption.

Archive contribution

The Archive managed and co-ordinated the work and conducted case studies on compliance for the Archive and OAIS/METS. The Archive worked closely with TNA during the project, and published the report which was, and still is, widely referenced.

Principal investigator:  Kevin Schürer
Funder:  JISC Digital Preservation Programme
Dates:  November 2004 - May 2005
Contact:  Hilary Beedham
Links:  Final report
Assessment of UK Data Archive and The National Archives compliance with OAIS/METS