Qualitative Archiving and Data Sharing Scheme Co-ordination

QUADS Co-ordination played a pivotal role in fostering communication and understanding on qualitative data sharing and archiving between the ESRC Qualitative Demonstrator Scheme (QUADS) projects and the broader spectrum of qualitative researchers.

QUADS was the ESRC Qualitative Archiving and Data Sharing Scheme, running from April 2005 until September 2006. The aim of the Scheme was to develop and promote innovative methodological approaches to the archiving, sharing, re-use and secondary analysis of qualitative research and data, in all of its disparate forms.

A range of new models for increasing access to qualitative data resources, and for extending the reach and impact of qualitative studies, were explored.  This was part of the ESRC's initiative to increase the UK resource of highly skilled researchers, and to fully exploit the distinctive potential offered by qualitative research and data.

QUADS Co-ordination sought guidance from the wider user community through an Advisory Board, networking with sister initiatives - such as ESDS, NCRM and NCeSS - and constituent nodes and projects, and through publicity and promotions for the Scheme. In addition to running some focused events and producing an edited publication, the Co-ordination team hosted an end of Scheme showcase of the concepts and demonstrators emerging from the project.


Archive contribution

Staff from ESDS Qualidata at the UK Data Archive provided a central point of contact with the ESRC and the Principal Investigators on other QUADS projects, co-ordinated the Advisory Board, hosted a QUADS website and discussion list, facilitated networking amongst QUADS project staff, and initiated and organised outreach events and promotional activities.

Principal investigator:  Louise Corti
Funder:  ESRC
Dates:  April 2005 - September 2006
Contact:  Louise Corti
Links:  Final report to ESRC
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