Source to Output Repositories

The StORe project aimed to gain a clearer understanding into what functionality is required from repositories of research publications and research data, so that they will be more useful to researchers. User surveys were carried out across several subject areas.

This project addressed the area of interactions between output repositories of research publications and source repositories of primary research data.

User surveys were conducted to determine required functionality in both types of repository in order to make them useful to researchers both when using primary data in source repositories and at the point of submitting to or downloading papers from output repositories. Subject areas included were: astronomy, physics, biochemistry, social sciences, archaeology and chemistry.

With the aid of the survey results, general principles for middleware development to link source and output repositories together were sought, and a business analysis was performed.  A pilot demonstrator was developed in one area of the social sciences. A full and extensive evaluation of the project was carried out in order to inform JISC of the best options for future development in this area.

Archive contribution

The UK Data Archive led work packages delivering a business analysis and technical specification of interlinking functionality among data and research literature archives and a pilot implementation emulating a federation comprising the UK Data Archive, the LSE's Research Articles Online and a University of Essex prototype institutional repository.

A working repository based on the pilot technology was launched in 2006 for the self-deposit of ESRC project data for the Economic and Social Data Service then the UK Data Service. In April 2014, the ESRC Data Store, was replaced by an EPrints system known as ReShare.

Principal investigator: 
Funder:  JISC
Dates:  June 2005 - May 2008
Contact:  Collections Development team
Links:  StORe final report
Presentation on the original Fedora system for ESRC Data Store