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Reza Afkhami

Senior Training and Support Officer

Reza Afkhami
Email:rafkhami  add @essex.ac.uk
Tel:+44(0)1206 874968
Address:UK Data Archive
University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park
Job description

Reza plays a key role in the UK Data Service supporting social science dataset users providing advice on dataset availability, content and analysis. He develops value-added resources based on the Archive's holdings, gives presentations on data services and provides introductory training to students, academics and other researchers.

He works in the Secure Access team to facilitate access to potentially disclosive data within secure environments, trains users on their legal responsibilities and runs statistical disclosure checks on analytical outputs.

Reza regularly contributes to policy decisions regarding data access and statistical disclosure control, and presents on both subjects at international conferences.

Reza is also engaged in his own research, and is interested in immigration and ethno-religious identity using SEM technique. He has done research on equality and human rights statistics evidence gaps in UK. He is also translating some methodology textbooks into Persian.

Committee membership
  • International Association of Social Science Information Service and Technology  (IASSIST)
  • British Sociological Association (BSA)
  • International Sociological Association-RC22
  • European Survey Research Association
  • UNECE Statistical Data Confidentiality
  • Afkhami, R. (2013) Religiosity, authoritarianism and Iranian socio-political beliefs: a survey study.  Political Psychology. (forthcoming)
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  • Purdam, K., Afkhami, R., Olsen, W., Thornton, P. (2008) 'Disability in the UK: measuring equality.' Disability & Society, vol 23, Issue 1, January 2008, pp 53-65.
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  • Afkhami, R. (2006) An introductory guide to using the large-scale government surveys for ethnicity research. Retrieved 21 May 2014, from http://www.esds.ac.uk/government/docs/ethnicityintro.pdf
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  • Afkhami, R., Tajar, A. (2006) Ethno-religious groups and pattern of working in England and Wales using SARs. (CCSR working paper)
  • Book Translation (2011): Research Design in Social Research by David de Vaus into Persian. Published by ISU publisher.
  • Book Translation (2013): Empirical Political Analysis by Mannheim et al., into Persian.  Published by ISU publisher.
  • Book editor: Scientific Inference in Social Science, forthcoming by ISU publisher.