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Tanvi Desai

Co-Director ADS (Data and User Services)

Tanvi Desai
Email:tdesai  add @essex.ac.uk
Tel:+44(0)1206 873969
Address:UK Data Archive
University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park
Job description

Tanvi is responsible for overseeing the experience of researchers using the Network, working with a team to make sure the process is simple, secure and robust. She will also be taking the lead in negotiating with public bodies for access to administrative data. She has advised UK and international government departments and statistical offices on secure data access.

Research interests

My primary interests are in data infrastructure and ways in which investment in data collection can be maximised by allowing secondary analysis of microdata while maintaining respondent confidentiality.

I have a particular interest in secure data access systems and have advised ONS, HMRC, the Welsh Government, Eurostat, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Statistics New Zealand, the Mexican National Office of Statistics and Geography, and the Banca d'Italia on access to sensitive data.

Research awards

2011-2012 ESRC: Improving research access to potentially disclosive data for Wales: Placement fellowship at the Welsh Government, November 2011-October 2012 (ESRC). [£56,123]

2009-2010 ESRC: Strategic review of the ONS Virtual Microdata Laboratory

2006-2008 EC DG Employment: Study and conference on European labour market analysis using firm level panel data and linked employer-employee data (LEED), with Cardoso, A. Eriksson, T. Marsden, D. and Rycx,F. (Responsibility for Task 4: Development of linked and panel data sets for European labour market and social policy analysis)

2005-2006 ESRC: Review of International Data Resources and Needs, 2005-2006 with Frank Cowell

2000-2005 EC FP5: Pay Inequalities and Economic Performance (PiEP), with David Marsden

Committee membership

Member CASD: Scientific Committee for the Centre d'Accès Sécurisé Distant aux Données

Member Working Group on Secure Data Access


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