Our data are supplied in a number of easy to use formats.

Data Documentation

These are the contextual materials which accompany each data collection and allow users to interpret and understand the data within the collection. These include user guides, questionnaires, interview instructions and technical reports, topic guides and code books.

Formats = PDF, HTML and MS Excel

Quantitative data

These are typically microdata which are the coded numerical responses to surveys with a separate record for each individual respondent. They can also be aggregate data from administrative and historical sources.

Data formats = SPSS, Stata, tab-delimited formats, MS Access and MS Excel

Multimedia data

A small number of datasets may include image files, such as photographs or audio clips.

Data formats = TIFF and MP3

Non-digital material

We do hold print-based media such as photographs, reports, questionnaires and transcriptions, as well as analogue audio or audio-visual recordings.

Data formats = paper, audio or video cassette

Online data

A selection of our data is available via our online search tools.

Nesstar Catalogue = browse surveys online and download in a number of formats including SPSS, Stata, tab-delimited formats, Statistica and Dbase

QualiBank = search and browse selected qualitative data collections online, as HTML, PDF, JPEG and MP3

Histpop = browse textual and statistical material from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as HTML, PNG, TIFF and MS Excel