Celebrating Classic Sociology: Pioneers of British Qualitative Research

Classsic Sociology Poster

A symposium organised by Qualidata and held on 5-6 July 2001 at the University of Essex

Thursday 5 July

Welcome and Introduction - Quality Hotel, Colchester

Introduction to the conference

Paul Thompson, University of Essex
Nicholas Deakin, London School of Economics

SESSION 1: Depositors and Archivists Speak

Chair: John Scott, University of Essex

Preserving the social scientific heritage: the role of Qualidata
Louise Corti, University of Essex

Making Quality Count: Putting Reliability into Number-Crunching
Peter Townsend, University of Bristol

Qualidata and the Preservation of Meaning
George Brown, St. Thomas's Hospital

SESSION 2: Panel on Preservation and Re-use

Chair: Kevin Schürer, University of Essex

LSE Archives: Visiting and revisiting the social sciences
Sue Donnelly, The British Library

Reflections on Mass Observation: the Archive's perspective
Dorothy Sheridan, University of Sussex

The National Sound Archive Oral History Collection
Robert Perks, The British Library

The Social Policy and Social Change Archive at Essex
Gill Backhouse, University of Essex

SESSION 3: Qualitative Research: Developing Field Methods

Chair: Ken Plummer, University of Essex

Understanding Juvenile Delinquency
Terence Morris, LSE

From biography to social structure
Liz Stanley, University of Manchester

Automating the ineffable: getting the maximum from existing data
Nigel Fielding, University of Surrey

SESSION 4: Plenary Panel on Classic Sociological Research: Behind the scenes

Chair: Paul Thompson, University of Essex

Problems of updating an earlier book: family and kinship in East London
Michael Young, Institute of Community Studies

Doing sociological research - 'owning up'
Colin Bell, Bradford University

Feminism and qualitative research
Janet Finch, Keele University

Developments in the sociology of place: a sceptical view of the concept of qualitative data
Ronald Frankenburg, Keele University

Qualitative data and the affluent worker study: a missed opportunity?
Frank Bechhofer , University of Edinburgh

Plus open discussion

Friday 6 July - Quality Hotel, Colchester

SESSION 5: Social Policy and Social Exclusion

Chair: Peter Townsend, University of Bristol

Understanding inequality in health
Mildred Blaxter, University of East Anglia

Revisiting Bethnal Green: social change and the family life of older people
Jim Ogg, Keele University

Scanning the horizon: will post-modern, post-scientific, politically oriented approaches be the death of policy relevant research?
Elizabeth Murphy, University of Nottingham

Speaking Sex: qualitative research on sex and sexuality
Sue Scott, University of Durham

SESSION 6: Generational and Family Research

Chair: Janet Finch, Keele University

Pioneering the life story method: The Edwardians
Paul Thompson, University of Essex

Working class autobiographies
David Vincent, Keele University

The changing experience of researching family and intimate relationships
Dennis Marsden, University of Essex

Friends and personal communities: methodological issues:
Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer, University of Essex

End note

Pasts, Presents, and Futures for Qualitative Research
Martyn Hammersley, Open University

Conference round-up and closing note

Paul Thompson, University of Essex