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Russell Sceats

Data Curation Officer: Microdata

Email:scearb  add @essex.ac.uk
Tel:+44(0)1206 873749
Address:UK Data Archive
University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park
Job description

Russell is part of the highly specialised Curation Services team. His responsibilities include the enhancement of data and documentation for secondary use by social science researchers and research institutions. prior to publication. This comprises data conditioning, metadata creation, data management, conversion and version control. Russell also undertakes data preservation and collection management, in accordance with UKDS preservation policy.

Research interests

Russell has a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics. He is conversant with 'big data' from physical science research outputs, and is keen to apply the scientific method to social science data and tackle the emerging big data challenge. Where previously reliant on relatively small sample surveys, big data now offers the social sciences the opportunity to enrich the understanding of humans in society using massive amounts of public and private data. Data science and data analytics are an emerging field with the advent of large scale social networking data, internet users' digital exhaust and consumers' personal data profiles. A data scientist's role is to explore and examine data from multiple disparate sources and pull together data from various outputs for dissemination and analysis.

Committee membership
  • Member, The Institute of Physics
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* Awarded the J. J. Thompson Premium by the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) for best scientific publication in 1999.