As a depositor you must sign a licence agreement to establish the terms and conditions of use of your data collection. This is a legal document which sets out your rights and responsibilities as depositor and ours as the data distributor.

This agreement authorises the UK Data Archive to preserve and to distribute the data collection under the terms and conditions specified.

Our responsibilities:

  • to ensure that access to the dataset is governed by the access conditions specified in the Licence Agreement
  • to ask our users to agree to an End User Licence
  • to require our users to acknowledge and cite sources when publishing their analysis of the original data
  • to ask our users to agree not to attempt to identify any individuals, households or organisations in the data

Your responsibilities:

  • to guarantee that nothing in the data collection is illegal, and that the data collection does not breach privacy or data protection laws
  • to provide assurances that you are entitled to place the data collection in the Archive and that the agreement of all parties who may have an interest in the data collection has been obtained
  • to ensure that anyone with copyright interest has been included in the Schedule to the Licence Agreement.