Our policy outlines the principles underpinning the Archive's main activities surrounding the active preservation of digital resources.

The Archive exists to support high quality research, teaching and learning in the social sciences and humanities by acquiring, developing and managing data and related digital resources, and by promoting and providing access to these resources as widely and effectively as possible.

We follow a policy of active preservation to ensure the authenticity, reliability and logical integrity of all resources entrusted to our care while providing usable versions for research, teaching or learning, in perpetuity.

Our Preservation Policy is the codification of long-standing good archival practice at the Archive. From a preservation point of view this policy is generally conformant to the OAIS Reference Model, with additions and alterations which are specific to the materials held within the Archive. We have a series of strict requirements for our digital preservation activities which are laid down in this policy, together with how these requirements can best be achieved in relation to regulatory requirements, archival best practice, information security and available funds. The Archive's Preservation Policy is based upon open and available file formats, data migration and media refreshment.

The formulation and biennial revision of our Preservation Policy is an essential step in fulfilling our strategic aims and responsibilities: it gives strategic direction both to initiate any measures which are necessary for the protection of our collections; and to meet, or extend, nationally and internationally agreed standards for the preservation of digital materials. A preservation policy helps us meet legislative and accountability requirements and our user communities' expectations.

We ensure that we are at the leading edge of technical advances by taking a strategic approach to long-term digital preservation, and by monitoring hardware and software developments and migrating our collections accordingly. We also aim to continually improve all aspects of the preservation related workflow by embedding an awareness of quality in all processes.