We acquire data from government departments, researchers and research institutions, public organisations and companies. We are a Place of Deposit for The National Archives so hold data as public records. We are happy to discuss any offers of data within our domain.

The UK Data Archive welcomes any datasets that are suitable for use in research and teaching and that fall within the thematic scope of the UK Data Service collections, to be offered for archiving. Our collection encompasses a significant range of data relating to society, both historical and contemporary, covering the social sciences, economics and humanities, as well as the societal aspects of environmental and medical data.

Since its establishment over 40 years ago the UK Data Archive has acquired, preserved and managed a vast range of data. We acquire data from academic, public sector and commercial sources within the United Kingdom and abroad. Since 2005 our Archive has been designated a Place of Deposit by The National Archives.

We have had a long-standing relationship with UK government departments since the 1970s. We receive most of the UK's major national survey series, such as the Labour Force Survey and the Expenditure and Food Survey produced by the Office of National Statistics, the British Crime Survey from the Home Office and the Health Survey for England created by the Department of Health. We also provide access to the UK's most important longitudinal surveys - surveys that follow individuals over time. These include the British Household Panel Survey and the Birth Cohort Studies - including the National Child Development Study of children born in 1958 and the more recent Millennium Cohort Study. We also hold opinion poll data from market research organisations.

Through the UK Data Service, we provide an archiving facility for primary research data, created through research grants from the Economic and Social Research Council and other funders. These cover survey data, case studies and in-depth interviews. Hundreds of researchers and research teams have deposited their data for sharing with the research community. Many historians have offered databases for curation and sharing over the years making the Archive an invaluable resources hub for historical research.

We also provide secure access to disclosive data. Through the provision of technical safeguards and detailed training, access to restricted data can be more easily provided to researchers without compromising information security.

We are open to offers of any data collection which may be of use to social scientists and historians, whether large scale or small scale, in most formats.

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If you have used our data let us know. We'd like to share your experience as a case study.