our catalogue

Our catalogue provides access to over 7,000 digital data collections for research and teaching

Our catalogue contains data collections suitable for research and teaching purposes. They cover a wide range of economic and social themes, both quantitative and qualitative, spanning many disciplines.

We provide access to data via the UK Data Service. We hold data from large-scale government surveys, such as the Labour Force Survey, major UK surveys that follow individuals over time, such as the British Household Panel Survey, opinion polls, multimedia qualitative data sources such as interview and focus group transcripts, historical data sources and data from environmental research projects.

Our Data Catalogue also contains links to: UK census data; cross-national data, such as the European Social Survey, Eurobarometers and World Values Surveys and aggregate databanks, such as World Bank indicators; and qualitative data held at other archives in the UK.

  •  We have data for many large national social surveys
  •  We have data suitable for research and teaching in a number of disciplines
  •  We have data available in a variety of software formats
  •  We provide most data FREE at the point of use
  •  We allow users outside the UK to access most data
  •   We don’t have data suitable for genealogical use, such as family records
  •  We don’t provide data as ready-made statistics
  •  We don’t have data containing up-to-date figures
  •  We don’t allow users to redistribute data

Comprehensive information about the data and how they were gathered is available for each data collection and does not require registration to view or download. Registration is only necessary to access the raw data.

Our Data Catalogue is hosted on the   UK DATA SERVICE SITE

You can browse by subject, by major studies, by recent data releases, or you can conduct a thesaurus-aided search. You can also search and browse variables and questions from survey datasets.

Results from searching and browsing are presented as catalogue records providing comprehensive information about each study.

Access to the data is via a registration process with user authentication provided by the UK Access Management Federation. Access to some data is limited to users at UK higher or further education institutions.

To analyse our data, users usually need access to the appropriate data analysis software. However, a number of data collections are available to explore online including the facility to produce online tabulations and charts.

We also provide access to other catalogues including: census data; the environmental data portal from the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme; ReShare for smaller research projects funded by the ESRC.