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ReShare is our self-deposit system for selected ESRC research data


ReShare (formerly ESRC Data Store) is a self-deposit system hosted by the UK Data Service. Its focus is the storage and sharing of primary research data from the social and behavioural sciences.

Around 500 data collections can be downloaded from ReShare using the UK Data Service Data Catalogue interface.

All forms of digital data can be deposited in, and accessed via ReShare, including statistical data, databases, word documents and audio-visual materials. Contributors are required to register with the UK Data Service in order to contribute materials, and once registered can upload a range of digital objects to ReShare.

ReShare uses the EPrints open source repository software to allow contributors to manage their data and research outputs. We use the ReCollect plugin that configures EPrints especially to suit data collections. To ensure that no potentially disclosive, copyrighted or suspect/damaged data are available from the system all uploaded data are checked to ensure they are virus free, readable and free from rights and disclosure problems.

ReShare can be used by anyone interested in social science data. While most data collections are open, and available to anyone or to registered users, some are temporarily closed or embargoed and may require permission from the data creators or owners.

ReShare is currently being used by ESRC award holders who are required to offer their data outputs for sharing under the terms of their award contract to the UK Data Service.