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The UK Data Archive is curator of the largest collection of digital data in the social sciences and humanities in the United Kingdom. With several thousand data collections, our Archive is a vital resource for researchers, teachers and learners.
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We can help you find data for your research or your dissertation. We also provide guidance and training on how to manage, store and share data.
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Are you researching family history?   We don't have information at the Archive but these Genealogical Links may help you.

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Through the UK Data Service, we can help you find data and resources for use in your teaching both in the classroom and for supporting supervising research students.
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Are you an archivist or data professional?

We have been curating data for over forty years and have implemented best practices in many areas of data archiving, data access and data management.
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We provide quick online access to large-scale survey data enabling you to look at results quickly.  We also provide, through the UK Data Service, easy-to-access exemplars of how people have used our data.
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We are a collaborative organisation working with a variety of sponsors and stakeholders providing services and engaging in research and development.
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