Rural Economy and Land Use: The Challenge For Research 19 - 21 January 2005Birmingham

At the conference, RELU DSS ran two Data Management workshops which took the form of guidance for creating and sharing high quality data, covering key practical, technical, legal and ethical issues including:

  • an overview of the RELU Data Management Policy and the Data Support Service
  • a brief overview of ESRC's and NERC's existing Datasets Policies
  • an overview of ESRC and NERC data centres and archived data holdings
  • data standards that allow for longer term sharing and archiving
  • the provision of high quality study documentation and metadata
  • matters that relate specifically to micro or survey data
  • matters that relate specifically to qualitative data (interviews etc.), such as audio recording, transcription, pseudonymisation and use of qualitative software packages
  • matters that relate to aggregate and spatial data sources e.g. census products and the creation of derived datasets
  • issues of informed consent and confidentiality
  • legal issues such as Data Protection, IPR and Copyright and Freedom of Information
The workshop discussions raised both generic and particular matters arising from the presentations relating to accessing and utilising third party data sources, and seeking informed consent.