Secondary analysis of qualitative data: what is it and can it help your research?23 May 2007Sociology Department, University of Essex

Secondary analysis (SA) is the process of re-constructing and re-contextualising qualitative data that have been collected for another purpose (usually) by another researcher. This workshop will provide an overview of doing SA explicitly focused on post-graduate research projects. The morning session will explain why SA might be suitable for post-graduate and other research and provide guidance on getting started and finding data. (Many data collections can be reviewed and downloaded from the web from the UK Data Archive web site.) Several topics will be addressed, including practical, ethical and epistemological challenges that arise when doing SA. The afternoon session will take place in a lab and will include guided tutorials and hands-on exercises for locating and using data and other research materials, such as interview instruments. Where possible, students' specific research topics will be taken into account in the examples and exercises.