ESDS Qualidata workshop: data resources for teaching qualitative methods20 April 2008UK Data Archive

On 21 April 2008, ESDS Qualidata will be holding a workshop on data resources for teaching qualitative methods. ESDS Qualidata has recently completed an online teaching resource, which has been specifically designed to assist in qualitative methods teaching, with a focus on distinguishing different types of interviewing. The resource offers summaries of seven distinct interview types: structured, unstructured, semi-structured, feminist, psycho-social, oral history and life story interviews. Each interview typology begins with a summary of what characterises that particular type of interview and is illustrated and exemplified by selected extracts from some of the most interesting and important studies held in the UK Data Archive. It also includes a number of activities which could be used as class-room exercises.

This workshop aims to introduce this resource and demonstrate its potential uses as a reference point for students and a teaching tool for tutors. It is aimed primarily at methods teachers, but it would be useful for any social science student with an interest in qualitative methods.

The workshop will be held in the seminar room of the SSRC building at the University of Essex. It is free but as places are limited booking is essential.