Census workshop: health and ethnicity – using Samples of Anonymised Records and ONS Longitudinal Study16 April 2009City University, London

This workshop has now passed - see links below for workshop exercises and related documents

Rachel Stuchbury, Julian Buxton and Christopher Marshall from the Centre for Longitudinal Study Information and User Support (CelSIUS) will introduce the Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study, with a focus on health and ethnicity, discussing data sources and structure, offering suggestions for research topics and designs, showing how to access the data and giving participants an opportunity to explore the data for themselves using two teaching datasets, on ethnicity and limiting long term illness respectively.

Jo Wathan and Selvino deKort from the Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research, Manchester University will talk about the Samples of Anonymised Records (SARs) from the 2001 Census. These are a family of datasets for one census point only. In this presentation and hands-on session they will introduce the data and show how they can be used to look at health for different ethnic groups. The hands-on session will enable participants to use the data themselves using online tools and SPSS. Further information about the data can be obtained at

There are now three census-based record linkage studies covering all constituent parts of the UK, the Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study (ONS LS) covering England and Wales (established in the mid 1970s); the Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS) and the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILs), both of which were launched in 2007. Harriet Young from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine will talk about a project to develop methods and procedures for carrying out parallel and combined analyses of these three studies. An exemplar research project is used to analyse the association between self-reported health and long-term illness in the 2001 census and subsequent mortality in all three studies. Here, she will present the results of this research to date.

This workshop will include an introduction to the data services offered by and is aimed at those studying or working in the UK higher and further education sector, but is not limited to those already registered to use the census.

The workshop is free to attend and includes lunch and refreshments. However travel and accommodation costs will need to be met by the participants.

  • Time: 10.30-15.45 (registration and refreshments at 10.00)
  • Date: Thursday, 16 April 2009
  • Place: Level 3A/3B, Main Building, City University, Northampton Square, London, EC1V 0HB.