Longitudinal Data Linkage30 - 31 March 2010University of Edinburgh

This two-day course is organised by A.D.M.I.N. at the Institute of Education, University of London.

The aim is to focus on longitudinal studies created by linking Census, vital registration records and health registration data including the Office for National Statistics’ Longitudinal Study (ONS LS), the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS) and the Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS).

The strengths and weaknesses of these longitudinal studies will be discussed. Examples of research using these studies will be given and their potential will be investigated. Methods of analysis commonly used to analyse LS data in tabular form will be reviewed.It will be assumed that participants understand multiple regression analysis. Participants will benefit from prior familiarity with log-linear models for counts.

Cost for the two day course is:
  • UK registered postgraduate student: £60
  • Staff at UK academic institution: £120
  • ESRC funded researcher: £120
  • Registered charity organisation: £120
  • Other: £440
Information about how to book can be obtained by emailing or completing the application form below.