Who owns your research data?: legal and ethical issues in using and sharing data1 December 2010UK Data Archive, University of Essex, Colchester

Who owns your research data? You? The University? Your respondents?

Would you like to safely share your data with colleagues? Would publishing your data give them greater impact? Are you afraid to share your data because of concerns about confidentiality? Most research funders now require data to be shared; does yours?

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This workshop, which will take place at 9.30-13.00 in Room 2N2.5B.24 at the UK Data Archive, will introduce you to several key legal and ethical issues surrounding uses of research data. You will gain hands-on experience assessing research ethics committee applications, designing suitable consent forms, anonymising qualitative data and regulating access to data.

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Learning outcomes will include:

  • gaining a deeper understanding of the legal and ethical issues surrounding research data, such as the Duty of Confidentiality, Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act and IPR regulations as they relate to research data
  • gaining experience in completing research ethics submissions which require you to discuss plans for both protecting and sharing data
  • being confident to pass on this information to your research students

This workshop is offered as part of the Staff Development training programme at the University of Essex and is open only to University staff.

Contact Louise Corti or Veerle Van den Eynden for further details.