Looking after your research data: planning and managing data for research 6 April 2011Room 2N2.4.16, SSRC building, University of Essex, Colchester

Accidentally deleted your data, it was the only copy!

How confident are you that you know how to manage, organise and store your project’s research data – numeric and multimedia - properly? How much do you know about keeping data safe, by backing up and encrypting data, quality and version controlling them, so that you or any colleagues on the same project know where to find the data at any time, and can easily understand them any time in the future?

data management

This workshop, which is open to both staff and students, will take place at 9.30-13.00 in the SSRC building. It will guide you through the basics of how to manage and store data well and how to plan and implement good data management within research projects. This session will help you to:

  • use techniques for describing and quality controlling data
  • be aware of tools you can use to version control, encrypt and back up data
  • gain a deeper understanding of the legal and ethical issues surrounding research data
  • assign roles and responsibilities for the management of research data
  • be confident in passing this information onto your research students

Further details and information on how to book to follow.