Pioneers of Qualitative Social Research: An Evaluation19 September 2011British Library Conference Centre

A one-day workshop evaluating the Pioneers of Qualitative Social Research project is being held on 19 September 2011 at the British Library Conference Centre. 

The Pioneers of Qualitative Social Research series began with Paul Thompson interviewing some of the major researchers whose fieldwork data was being archived by ESDS Qualidata.

Subsequently the scope was broadened to include all major British qualitative social researchers who were first active by the mid-1970s. Those so far interviewed include Michael Young, Peter Townsend, Jack Goody, Ruth Finnegan, Raymond Firth, Ronald Frankenberg, George Brown and Tirril Harris, Leonora Davidoff, Mary Douglas, Pat Caplan, Sandra Wallman, Peter Loizos, Frank Bechhofer, Margaret Stacey, Colin Bell, Stan Cohen, Dennis Marsden, Ray Pahl, Diana Leonard, Ann Oakley and Janet Finch.

In each of these interviews the researcher's own account of the influences which shaped the major phases of their research work, and how the research was carried out, including the problems encountered, are recorded. The interview begins with family background and education, in order to understand the key influences which shaped the researcher's interests. It also includes a brief account of later family life, but the focus is primarily on understanding the research work.

This series of interviews is being used to build an important new resource for social science methods, with extracts from the interviews on the ESDS Qualidata: Pioneers of Qualitative Research website. It is hoped to link this resource with a book combining similar extracts with discussions of the material.

This workshop includes Paul Thompson talking about the Pioneers of Qualitative Research project, and discussions with pioneers who were interviewed by Thompson and appear on the ESDS Qualidata website.

There is no cost for this event but places are limited so booking is essential.

The Pioneers of Qualitative Social Research series is grateful for earlier funding from the ESRC through ESDS Qualidata, and currently has a small grant from the British Academy who with the British Library are supporting this workshop to evaluate the series.

Booking for this workshop is now closed.