JISCgeo Innovation Programme Meeting28 November 2011 - 1 December 2011Ravensborough College, London

Beta Launch of New Geospatial Technology Products and Tools, centred around geospatial technology and aimed at Universities, Colleges and Schools. Come along and experiment with these soon-to-be-released products at a special one day event on Monday 28 November 2011 at Ravensborough College (next door to the Millennium Dome) in London.

We encourage students, researchers and teaching staff from all disciplines to attend and sample these fantastic new tools so that we can further their usefulness to everyone in academia. Come along and discover how 'Geo' really is part of everyday work and play.

So, what can you expect? Well, we have a fantastic set of geospatial tools and projects including these highlights:

  • Are you a student? You'll want to see the #Gemma project (University College London) and their cool new Android and iPhone apps that help collect data for research projects and assignments and then present your data as colourful maps. Want to impress your teachers and get a better grade on your next assignment? Want to use your smartphone for data collection? Then you need to check this event out.
  • Are you a researcher? You'll want to see how the Halogen2 (University of Leicester) project have built cross-disciplinary geo-links between DNA data and other scholarly datasets: archaeology, genealogy, history... Welcome to the future of cross-disciplinary research!
  • Are you a teacher? You will want to see the new handbook that GeoSciTeach? (Institute of Education) is producing on how to integrate geospatial tools into class activities. See how they used mobile phones to conduct a lesson at Kew Gardens, making the great outdoors into an interactive teaching and learning space. In short, you are not cool unless you have got geospatial in school!

Best of all the day is finished up with an evening Awards party (in the Millennium Dome) for the projects and all their hard work. Come shake hands with these projects, toast their success and find out who will win Geospatial project of the Year!

To register for this event please use the link below (Day 1 is the Show and Tell day described above for these projects - though you are welcome to stay on and learn more about geo on the other event days.

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