Data Documentation Initiative Lifecycle (DDI-L) metadata standard training27 - 29 March 2012UK Data Archive, University of Essex, Colchester

The Data Documentation Initiative is an international standard for describing social science data and is intended to facilitate the sharing and comparison of data collections.

Data Documentation Initiative Lifecycle (DDI-L) addresses all aspects of the data lifecycle from questionnaire design and data collection through archiving and discovery to analysis and repurposing. It places a great deal of emphasis on versioning (change management), re-use (of existing in-house or third-party templates) and identifying commonality (e.g. where else has a variable been used).

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This three day course will be led by two leading DDI practitioners (Wendy Thomas and Arofan Gregory, both members of the DDI Alliance’s Technical Implementation Committee).

The course will focus on the benefits of and use cases for adoption, plus techniques for the creation, storage, retrieval, re-use and transformation of DDI-L. It will be delivered by a combination of lecture-style presentations/discussions and hands-on workshops.

This event is by invitation only.