DevCon 112 April 2013UK Data Archive, University of Essex

This event is being hosted by the IT Training Team of Information System Services in conjunction with the UK Data Archive. It is the first time this event has run.

The focus of DevCon1 ranges from developer specific to general system and technology project discussions. It is aimed primarily at developers and professional services staff, but also towards other IT professionals at the University of Essex. It is hoped DevCon1 will be an engaging learning activity and valuable professional development event for IT professionals in the University community. At DevCon1, we hope to foster and achieve:

  • knowledge transfer between IT professionals, namely developers around the University
  • collaborations that bridge the gap between academic research and professional practice
  • engagement activities for students and researchers at the University that will exposure them to industry methods and enhance their employability

The event is open to all those in the University of Essex community.