Annual European DDI User Conference (EDDI213) 3 - 4 December 2013Paris, France

The Annual European DDI User Conference (EDDI) is the annual conference for users of the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI), a metadata specification for the social, economic, and behavioural sciences.

John Shepherdson of the UK Data Archive gave a presentation with Ørnulf Risnes (NSD Norwegian Social Science Data Services) and Pascal Heus (Metadata Technology), on DwB Discovery Portal: A New CESSDA Portal for European Research Data Discovery.

Under the Data without Boundaries Project, work packages 8 and 12 are focusing on the development of a one-stop shop data discovery portal for research data held by the CESSDA archives, National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), and other agencies across Europe.

The portal implementation is a joint collaborative effort led by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD), the UK Data Archive, and Metadata Technology (MT), with the assistance from other agencies.

By the end of the project, a prototype web based portal will be made available, with content harvested from an initial group of participating metadata providers.

The primary objective is to empower researchers with the ability to discover datasets of interest through the exploration of study and variable level metadata.

The portal will further be equipped with a metadata provider section facilitating metadata quality assurance, usage analysis, and content management. Machine actionable interfaces will be available to authorised external applications, enabling interaction with the portal's search index and metadata repositories.

The presentation provides an overview of the portal infrastructure and implementation strategy, including architecture, metadata model, technologies, harvesting mechanisms, use cases for data discovery, metadata quality issues, and secondary use via portal APIs.