Managing and sharing your research data19 March 2014Stirling

A training day for researchers and postgraduate students to develop their knowledge and professional skills in managing and sharing the research data they produce.

Such skills become increasingly important in research. Besides safekeeping and managing research data for your own use, research funders increasingly mandate easy and/or open access to data and publications, and data management plans as part of grant applications; while journals are requiring submission and accessibility of research data underpinning peer-reviewed publications.

The UK Data Archive will guide you through the key aspects of how to manage, document, store and safeguard research data well and how to plan and implement good data management in research projects, with a view to optimising data sharing.

Areas covered will include:

  • writing a data management plan for research grants
  • documenting your data
  • formatting and organising your data
  • storing your data, including data security, data transfer, encryption, and file sharing
  • ethical and legal issues in data sharing and handling confidential information and personal data

Each topic will include presentations, practical exercises and discussions based on real-case examples.

Programme for the day:

10.00-10.20 Introduction, policy landscape (funders, publishers), data sharing
10.20-10.40 Publishing and citing research data
10.40-11.20 Storing and transferring data, incl. encryption and security
11.30-12.00 Formatting and organising data
12.00-12.30 Documenting data
13.15-14.15 Legal, ethical issues in handling and sharing data, incl. informed consent and anonymisation
14.15-14.45 Rights related to research data
15.00-15.45 Writing and implementing a data management plan
15.45-16.00 Final discussion