UKDA to host Census Portal

Article dated: 14 December 2005

The UKDA is delighted to announce that it has been successful in its bid not only to continue to run the Census Registration Service (CRS) from 2006-2011, but also to host the Census Programme's new Census Portal. Work on the Portal will begin in August 2006.

In 2002 the UKDA launched the CRS, which links four of the Census Programme Units via Athens authentication and a single registration, and since 2003 has centrally managed ESDS. As the home of both ESDS Management and the CRS, the UKDA is ideally placed to effect a bridge between ESDS and the Census Programme, in order to assist users in locating the data they need.

The Census Programme currently contains six units: Census Dissemination Unit; Census Geography Data Unit (UKBORDERS); Census Interaction Data Service; Samples of Anonymised Records (SARs); Centre for Longitudinal Study Information and User Support (CeLSIUS); Census Registration Service. Professor David Martin, University of Southampton, is the Census Programme Co-ordinator.

The Portal will play a pivotal, user-focused role in the Programme, streamlining access to the existing units and will:

  • provide a single, clear gateway to the units' web sites, making the users' paths to their required data more straightforward
  • establish a series of annual workshops, bringing the census data and their various usages closer to the users
  • develop a census catalogue, making use of the existing metadata infrastructures
  • create a census expertise database
The Portal will provide a much-needed pathway into the world of census data, taking the users both to the data themselves and to help and advice.