Report of the East of England digital preservation project is published

Article dated: 1 August 2006

image of cover of Report of the East of England Digital Preservation Regional Pilot Project The report of the East of England digital preservation pilot project has been published jointly by the East of England Regional Archive Council (EERAC) and MLA East of England. The report describes a pilot project designed to investigate the issues which would need to be resolved if a regional digital repository were set up, and the costs which would arise from this. The report presents the results of two years' work and is probably the first realistic attempt to point the way forward.

Taking as its starting point the anticipated needs of local authorities, the report looks in detail at the processes and costs involved in preserving and managing digital records of the types routinely dealt with by local authority records managers and archivists, including privately deposited material. The two local authorities involved in the project were Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire County Councils, and the expertise in digital preservation was provided by the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex, which is one of the longest established digital repositories in the country and the only one approved by TNA for the deposit of electronic Public Records.

Copies of the report are available by post from: