Announcing two new senior appointments

Article dated: 17 October 2006

The UKDA is pleased to announce two new senior appointments. Ken Miller has been appointed Associate Director, Head of Information Development, Programming and e-Social Science and Matthew Woollard has been appointed Head of Digital Preservation and Systems.

Ken Miller has strategic and line management responsibilities for the Information Development and Programming teams, which provide key services within ESDS/UKDA. He is responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of these services, for developing and improving them as required, and ensuring they are integrated with related e-social science developments. Ken is also responsible for leading the UKDA's contribution to the National Centre for e-Social Science (NCeSS), in particular providing an advisory/support service in the areas of grid-enabling data and metadata standards.

photograph of Matthew Woollard Matthew Woollard, who formerly directed AHDS History, is in charge of the development, implementation and maintenance of the UKDA's digital preservation policy and its framework. He has strategic and line management responsibilities for the Systems and Preservation division of the UKDA and primary responsibility for the development of strategy and vision in the area of digital preservation more generally. Matthew remains Project Director of the Online Historical Population Reports Project and its web site which will be launched in January 2007.