New award for UKDA - Scoping Study on Social Science resources (4S)

Article dated: 21 December 2006

The UKDA has received an award from the ESRC to carry out a scoping study assessing the potential for development of social scientific research materials based on public records and allied archival materials held at The National Archives (TNA). The main output of the project will be a report outlining key social science resources held at the TNA which could be enhanced and made available to a wider audience.

The project will assess the current and potential needs and demands within the social science community for research resources and advise on those resources for which there is likely to be demand. The report will be published in late summer 2007 and will be based on wide consultation with the user community. A web-based questionnaire will be on the UKDA web site from early 2007, and feedback is welcomed from all social science researchers regardless of whether or not they use resources in the TNA.

For further information contact Matthew Woollard