RELU Data Support Service

Article dated: 12 September 2007

The UKDA, together with the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Lancaster, has been running the Data Support Service (DSS) for the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme (RELU) since December 2004. RELU is an interdisciplinary programme, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the Natural Environment Research Council and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, that enables research into the social, economic, environmental and technological challenges faced by rural areas in the UK. The first series of RELU research projects are being finalised and the resulting datasets will be archived at the UKDA. At the same time, various projects are still ongoing and new research is starting, for which RELU-DSS provides advice and support on data management and reviews individual data management plans.

Veerle Van den Eynden Veerle Van den Eynden joined RELU-DSS in July 2007 as Senior Project Officer. With a degree in Agricultural Sciences and a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences, she has researched the interactions between people, plants and the environment, mainly in tropical regions, using a combination of social and natural science methods. She was previously based at the University of Gent (Belgium) and the University of the West Indies (Trinidad). Veerle will be liaising directly with RELU researchers to advise on data management, sharing and archiving. She will also provide guidance on data integration across disciplines.