Research Information Network

Article dated: 13 September 2007

The Research Information Network (RIN) was established in 2005 for an initial three-year period by a consortium of the four UK higher education funding bodies, the seven research councils and the three national libraries. Its lease has now been extended until 2011.

The RIN’s work has three core features. First, assembling and analysing evidence about the behaviours and needs of the UK research community - across all disciplines, subjects and institutional settings - as creators and users of information resources. Generating and sustaining that evidence base is an essential foundation for policy-making. Secondly, providing authoritative advice and guidance to RIN's funders, to researchers and research institutions; and to libraries, publishers and other information service providers. Thirdly, engaging with representatives of stakeholders from the research and information communities.

The RIN is not a service-provider. Rather, it brings key players together to seek and promote improvements in the framework of policies, practices and services which enable researchers to create, use and manage information resources more effectively. This is an important contribution to the health of the UK research base, helping to ensure that it retains its position as one of the most effective systems of publicly-funded research in the world.