Changes to login

Article dated: 15 June 2008

The login procedure will be changing to enable access via the UK Federation (Shibboleth). From 1 August 2008, users will be presented with the following login options:

Changes to login
  • login via UK Federation – for users from institutes of UK Higher and Further Education (UK HE/FE)
  • login via Athens – for users with logins issued by organisations outside UK HE/FE (users from UK HE/FE institutions still using Athens can also use this login if they wish)
  • other - for users unable to obtain a login from their institution/organisation, users who belong to non-UK federations, or users who have been issued a login by the UK Data Archive

Existing users will be contacted prior to 1 August and asked to log in to their account and provide a memorable word. To retain continuity of usage and avoid re-registration, existing users switching from Athens to the UK Federation will be required to provide some limited personal information, including the secure word.