JISC preservation projects forum

Article dated: 9 October 2008

On 30 June 2008, JISC held a meeting of all projects with Repositories and Preservation Programme funding. This meeting provided a welcome opportunity for projects to discuss common areas of interest. A number of case studies were presented and the new Digital Curation Centre (DCC) lifecycle model was showcased. Feedback on this is still being sought.

During the day discussion was based on technical standards and implementation methods. This covered use and embedding of repository systems such as Fedora, D-space and e-Prints. Other issues highlighted were metadata, staff expertise, and data management strategies.

The UKDA contributed to this Programme with the Data Exchange Tools and Utilities project (DExT) which developed an interoperable exchange standard for multimedia qualitative data (QuDEx) and open source conversion tools. In support of the aims of this Programme, UKDA has also developed and launched its own self-archiving system, UKDA-store, based on Fedora and will re-issue a new version of its cross-council Guidance on Data Management brochure together with some training modules in the autumn.