New Data Management and Sharing Guidance

Article dated: 23 December 2008

The UK Data Archive (UKDA) would like to announce the release of its new suite of web pages providing guidance on data management and sharing. The pages aim to provide data creators, data managers and data curators with best practice strategies and methods for creating, preparing and storing shareable datasets. images from manage and share data

Advice has been divided into a number of key areas or modules providing detailed information on each topic. These are:

  • Sharing data - why and how?
  • Consent, confidentiality and ethics
  • Copyright
  • Data documentation and metadata
  • Data formats and software
  • Data storage, back-up, and security
In addition to these web pages, bespoke advice and training are provided by UKDA staff throughout the life span of a research project - from the initial award application, through the data creation phase to the end of the active research phase and to the final storage and dissemination of data. A comprehensive frequently asked questions web page is also available.