Where is Athens?

Article dated: 3 August 2009

From 4 August 2009 access to the resources of the UK Data Archive and ESDS is available to users whose organisations have signed up to the UK Access Management Federation (UKAMF). This means that the Athens login option is no longer available.

The new login directs the user to the UKAMF institution list from which they select their institution. They then log in using their normal institutional username and password.

This change will have no significant effect for most users. Many organisations which continue to use Athens will have also joined the UKAMF (see the Federation’s current membership) and their users will simply use the new login option. Some users in this position may be asked for information before proceeding to access resources, but this will simply be to facilitate the identification of their record in the authentication database.

However, there are some organisations which have not joined the Federation and they will not be in the organisation list. If users cannot find their organisation in the list they should, in the first instance, contact their organisation's IT department, which will be able to confirm the position. If users still feel there may be a problem they can contact

If an organisation switches from using Athens usernames and passwords to a different institutional login, their users, when attempting to access the resources of the UK Data Archive and ESDS with the new credentials, will be prompted to provide the First name, Family name, Institution, Email address and memorable word registered with us. This will allow existing user records to be updated with the new credentials.