Introducing the Research Data Management Support Services team

Article dated: 28 September 2009

The UK Data Archive has been working with social science and humanities researchers creating research data for over 40 years. In this time it has accumulated an immense amount of knowledge and experience in many aspects of managing and sharing data. The UK Data Archive provides, through ESDS, Rural Economy and Land Use Programme Data Support Service (RELU-DSS) and HDS, advice and guidance on a daily basis to researchers and data managers on how to collect, manage and prepare data so that it can be ethically and legally shared with other researchers. team image

Over recent years, sharing of publically funded data has become an important political and strategic issue across all academic disciplines. As such the Archive’s cumulative experience can help other groups and initiatives in pursuing their data management strategic objectives. Staff at UK Data Archive are frequently called upon to advise (not only within the social sciences) on a range of data management initiatives: strategies and bids, sitting on committees and giving talks at meetings across the world.

It is the work of the Research Data Management Support Services team to engage with these issues more proactively by creating information and educational resources and a training programme for social scientists and others on managing and sharing data. The section also has prime responsibility for providing advice and guidance to ESRC, British Academy award applicants, and other grant recipients about data creation, curation and long-term access by liaising with award holders throughout the lifecycle of their awards. The team works especially closely with ESRC staff to administer their Data Policy and co-ordinate activities in setting standards and best practices for managing and sharing research data including Data Management Plans.

The team is directed by Louise Corti and consists, currently, of Libby Bishop, Veerle van den Eynden and Julie Missen.

The team are releasing a new version, kindly jointly supported by JISC, of the popular brochure on Managing and Sharing Data: a best practice guide for researchers, which will be available in hard copy from early November 2009. The team are also running two forthcoming training events.