CESSDA Expert Seminar 2009

Article dated: 4 December 2009

The Council of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) Expert Seminar 2009 was hosted by the Slovenian Data Archive in Ljubljana on 8-10 November 2009. The event was attended by 31 delegates from 17 different organisations, including Margaret Ward and Suzanne Barbalet from the UK Data Archive. Slovenia

The main focus of the seminar was the new CESSDA metadata model and Data Documentation Initiative version 3 (DDI3), and included sessions on:

  • the CESSDA portal and metadata model
  • Question Database and harmonisation platform
  • controlled vocabularies and the multilingual thesaurus
  • comparative and comparable data with DDI3
The opening session on the CESSDA portal outlined its development and how CESSDA has been working towards a common data infrastructure over the last 15 years. Future challenges were also discussed, including building a more powerful interface, handling more complex data structures and single sign-on issues.

Further presentations featured a report discussing the possibility of creating a CESSDA Question Bank; a prototype system for creating harmonised variables - Cessda HARMonisation of CATegories and Scales (CHARMCATS); details of controlled vocabularies for CESSDA members to describe portal resources; and the challenges of using DDI3 within an archive environment.