New questionnaire interface for Survey Question Bank

Article dated: 4 December 2009

The Survey Question Bank (SQB), the successor to the ESRC Question Bank (Qb) at the University of Surrey, has recently unveiled a new questionnaire search interface. SQB

Users will now be able to make more focused searches across the survey documentation held by the SQB (questionnaires, interviewer instructions, consent forms etc.) by specifying survey title, keyword, country, survey mode, survey type and document type. At the same time, work is being undertaken to expand the number of documents that can be searched to include the majority of the UK Data Archive holdings.

Features that were popular in the former Qb, the SQB's earlier incarnation, including the 'topics' pages, with attendant expert overviews, and the survey methods fact sheets, have been retained and are being migrated to the new SQB web pages with enhancements.

The SQB is in the process of adding further survey resources via a number 'zones', which will focus on innovative survey methods, scales and instruments, harmonisation and classification, and teaching and learning. Development in early 2010 will focus on a second, more ambitious, interface that will allow users to search for survey question-level information across a subset of key, recent surveys held in the ESDS Nesstar catalogue. Anyone keen to keep abreast of SQB developments is encouraged to sign up to the service's Jiscmail list.