Survey Question Bank new developments

Article dated: 19 March 2010

The Survey Question Bank (SQB) unveiled two new suites of web pages in February 2010 and added a significant number of survey documents to its questionnaire search as traffic to the service continues to grow.

A suite of pages on the major social surveys provides detail on over 50 surveys including an overview of each survey, direct links to documentation, datasets available via the ESDS, and publications based on the survey. For the first time the service extends coverage to the key cross-national surveys and, following negotiations with the copyright holders, provides access to survey documents not held by ESDS.

SRN image

In addition, a suite of pages on topics incorporates and extends the previous content produced by the University of Surrey. It is designed for users who come to the service with a specific topic in mind and who wish to see which questions have been asked in social surveys on that topic. It also helps users to understand the conceptual structure of a topic and the way it is reflected in the structuring of questions and survey instruments. Currently, 33 topics are covered.

The popular questionnaire search now incorporates documentation from most of the major surveys conducted since the mid-1990s. Over 70 survey series are included, a number that is set to exceed 100 during 2010.

The service has other exciting plans for the remainder of the year. A highlight will be the forthcoming question search due to be launched in April/May 2010. This search will allow users to find and retrieve survey questions (the question text, responses and frequencies) and match them with the same questions in other years of the same series, or with the same (or very similar) questions in other survey series.