Keeping Research Data Safe 2

Article dated: 22 March 2010

This JISC-funded project, Keeping Research Data Safe 2 (KRDS2), has published the outcomes of the review into the Activity Model that was published with the first Keeping Research Data Safe project, completed in 2008. This second project was carried out by Charles Beagrie Limited, with input from Brian Lavoie of the Online Computer Library Centre and Matthew Woollard from the UK Data Archive.

The review found that the original model was robust and provided a good fit to activities in the digital curation processes, but examination of costing data provided by a number of digital repositories showed that some fine-tuning was necessary. These alterations have been published on the Charles Beagrie Limited web site, where the completed data survey responses relating to the project and which have fed into the final report will also be available once the report is submitted to the JISC at the end of March 2010.