Staff update

Article dated: 22 March 2010

In addition to the forthcoming change in Directorship there have been several other significant changes to staffing at the UK Data Archive in the last few months.

Lenin Ageer left in March 2010 to take up a new post in Maidenhead. In his role as Senior Systems and Applications Developer at the Archive, Lenin wore a number of different hats, such as team leader, project manager and lead developer. His most recent contribution to the smooth running of the Archive was the introduction of an online Performance and Development Review process, but in eight years service he was instrumental in the development of many major systems from order management, user authentication and authorisation, the Archive intranet and data deposit and retrieval, to online timesheets and personnel records management. His skills, knowledge and experience will be greatly missed.

Paola Antonicelli, Human Resources Manager, left the Archive in February 2010 to pursue an exciting new opportunity working for the Ministry of Education in Rome. Paola joined the staff in August 2008 and has been responsible for many innovations in the management of human resources, including automation of processes through the development of a unified personnel database.

Dimitris Vonofakos left his role as Qualitative Data Support Service Officer with ESDS Qualidata in March 2010 to take up a new research post at the University of Manchester.

Several staff members have changed their roles within the Archive. Veerle Van den Eynden has been appointed as Manager of the Archive’s new Data Management Services (DMS) Section in addition to her previous role as Relu-DSS Manager. She will be joined in the DMS section by Bethany Morgan and Laurence Horton, who will work as DMS Senior Officers. Mus Ahmet, previously Systems and Preservation Administrator, is now in charge of systems security as part of the Secure Data Service.

Jane Ismail joined the Data Services team in December, while also continuing her role as Library Assistant for the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER).