Keeping Research Data Safe 2 study on research data preservation costs and benefits: report now available

Article dated: 20 May 2010

The final report for the JISC-funded project, Keeping Research Data Safe 2, has now been published. The report was co-authored by Neil Beagrie of Charles Beagrie Limited, Brian Lavoie of the Online Computer Library Centre and the UK Data Archive's Matthew Woollard. It presents the results of a survey of available cost information, validation and further development of the KRDS activity cost model, as well as a new taxonomy to help assess benefits alongside costs.

The KRDS2 project has delivered the following:

  • A survey of cost information for digital preservation, collating and making available 13 survey responses for different cost datasets
  • The KRDS activity model has been reviewed and its presentation and usability enhanced
  • Cost information for four organisations (the Archaeology Data Service; National Digital Archive of Datasets; UK Data Archive; and University of Oxford) has been analysed in depth and presented in case studies
  • A benefits framework has been produced and illustrated with two benefit case studies from the National Crystallography Service at the University of Southampton and the UK Data Archive

One of the key findings on the long-term costs of digital preservation for research data was that the cost of archiving activities (archival storage and preservation planning and actions) is consistently a very small proportion of the overall costs and significantly lower than the costs of acquisition/ingest or access activities for all the case studies in KRDS2. This confirms and supports a preliminary finding in KRDS1.