Digital Preservation Award 2010: open for nominations and judges announced

Article dated: 4 June 2010

The Director Designate of the UK Data Archive, Matthew Woollard, is one of the panel of judges for the 2010 Digital Preservation Award.

The Digital Preservation Award celebrates the excellence and innovation that will help to ensure our digital memory is available tomorrow. It is one of a set of awards which are collectively called the Conservation Awards. The Conservation Awards began in 1993 and their presentation is co-ordinated by a working party of the Institute of Conservation (ICON). There are six awards in total. The Digital Preservation Award has been run three times (2004, 2005 and 2007). Although based on the high level criteria of the Conservation Awards, the size of the community and the nature of the work it recognises means that the Digital Preservation Award is distinctive in how it implements the criteria and eligibility.

p>The full list of judges for the 2010 awards:

Kevin Ashley, Director, Digital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh; Adrian Brown, Assistant Clerk of the Record, Parliamentary Archives and previous winner; William Kilbride, Executive Director, Digital Preservation Coalition; Pip Laurenson, Head of Time-based Media Conservation, Tate; Zoe Lock, Lead Technologist for ICT, The Technology Strategy Board; Eefke Smit, Director for Standards and Technology, Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers' Association; Dave Thompson, Digital Curator, The Wellcome Library; Matthew Woollard, Director Designate, UK Data Archive; Richard Wright, Senior Research Engineer, BBC.