Data management training

Article dated: 15 June 2010

Good data management is the foundation for good research. If data are properly organised and preserved, and their accuracy and integrity are controlled at all times, the result is high quality data, efficient research and the saving of time and resources. The UK Data Archive recognises the importance of capacity building in data management and sharing for researchers. At the Archive, our Research Data Management Support Services team run a range of advice and capacity building activities, including ESDS researcher support, the RELU Data Support Service and more recently, have won two awards concerning research data management. data management training

Data Management Planning for ESRC Research Data-Rich Investments is a project funded by the JISC under the current Research Data Management Programme and aims to promote and support good data management and sharing for the benefit of UK higher education and research. The Archive is working with ESRC Research Centres and Programmes to expand the implementation of data management planning procedures, enable effective data management practices and increase individual and institutional data management and sharing capacity in research hubs.

Another recent award held by the UK Data Archive is the Data Management and Sharing for Researchers Training Programme, funded by the ESRC as part of the Researcher Development Initiative. This programme is supporting a range of advanced and specialist training and development activities for researchers, post graduates and researcher support staff on all aspects of data handling, data preparation and data sharing. The workshops provide hands-on, practical advice and guidance, based on real-life research examples and archived data sources from the UK Data Archive. Topics covered in the workshops include:

  • why and how to share research data
  • consent, confidentiality and ethics when sharing research data
  • copyright and use of existing sources
  • describing and contextualising data
  • data formats and software
  • data storage, back-up and data security

Workshops will be held throughout the UK over the next 12 months and are targeting audiences from the wider social sciences spectrum. A number of travel bursaries are available at each workshop for postgraduate students. Information on planned workshops can be found on the UK Data Archive website where workshops can also be booked. We also plan to hold some activities jointly with the Digital Curation Centre.