UK Data Archive launches its Strategic Plan

Article dated: 29 June 2010

We are pleased to launch our Strategic Plan for the next five years. We have set five strategic goals for 2010-15 to deliver our mission and to meet our strategic challenges. Strategic Plan

As a leading centre of expertise in data archiving, we hold the largest collection of digital data in the social sciences and humanities in the UK and make them available to the higher and further education sector and beyond for research, teaching and learning. Our mission is to maintain our leading role by continuously improving the quality and breadth of our data products and services in response to user needs and technological changes. We collaborate with national and international organisations to develop new data standards and tools and we also aim to build bridges between data creators and data users across different sectors and disciplines.

Our strategic challenges include:

  • leadership and governance
  • planning and resources
  • management and administration
  • data selection, acquisition, ingest and preservation
  • data access

Printed copies of Our Strategic Plan are available on request.