Census review time

Article dated: 14 July 2010

The current phase of the ESRC Census Programme (2006-2011) is undergoing an evaluation of progress.

The Programme constitutes a major investment by the ESRC and enables students and academics to access a wide range of census data. The evaluation is taking place with a view to a future of free access to census data for the academic community. This is taking place as the final stages of preparation for the 2011 census are reached and plans are taking shape for the dissemination of outputs from that census.

The evaluation will continue until the autumn of 2010 and covers a number of dimensions, including conducting interviews with key stakeholders in the programme, undertaking a survey of users and reviewing web resources and documentation, such as online tools and guidance and the annual user satisfaction survey.

The evaluation team will submit their report to the ESRC in September 2010. This will feed into discussions in regards to the commissioning of the 2011 Census Programme and then be presented to the ESRC Council.