Removal of automatic redirects on 1 November 2010

Article dated: 26 October 2010

In July the UK Data Archive successfully launched its new website. The new website has a clearer and more consistent feel, to present a more open and contemporary image of our role in the social sciences and research.

We will be removing automatic redirects on 1 November 2010.

This may affect hard coded links you have to our website.

  1. Data can no longer be searched or accessed on the UK Data Archive site. Instead the site is a portal to our varied data resources. Users are very clearly directed to the ESDS where data can be found and accessed.

    Links to data and documentation on should be replaced with links to

  2. Our Managing and Sharing pages are now called Create & Manage, and while they may look different, the content is the same, but the URL names are completely different.

    Links to should be replaced with, and the pages under these directories will all need to be replaced with the URLs from the new website.

If you have any difficulty locating information on the new website please contact Communication enquiries.